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453 m
95 m
42,7 km
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cerca de  Andong, Kyŏngsang-bukto (South Korea)

Short trail ride on New Year's day. Out of the city toward Yecheon, then rode up a valley to the end of the road then basically pushed the bike up the side of a hill (sort of a trail) till I got to the ridge and found the trail. Rode it one way to the highest point then turned around and rode it down to the road and home.

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  • Foto de Anderson

    Anderson 27-dic-2007

    just found your trail searching for "new year", I plan to do the same in the Pirenees mountains although probably back-country skiing. Anyways just thought to leave this message since it is good to know that we're not alone riding in New Year's day :) Cheers

  • enviroj 08-may-2011

    I found you. Iwas just looking at this site. Have you found anyone else who rides like you to ride with,or do you not want too.

  • Foto de alimamo

    alimamo 08-may-2011

    Well, I don't live in that area now. Now I live in Daejeon. For me, I just go out when I feel like it. If there is someone available, I am happy for the company; if not, I am happy then, too.

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Dificultad técnica:  skill Fácil

Tiempo:  4 horas 52 minutos

Coordenadas: 1033

Fecha de subida: 19 de febrero de 2007

Fecha de realización: febrero 2007

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