• Foto de Lead Draw
  • Foto de Lead Draw
  • Foto de Lead Draw

Tiempo  3 horas 8 minutos

Coordenadas 312

Fecha de subida 14 de agosto de 2018

Fecha de realización abril 2012

1.898 m
1.543 m
13,17 km

Vista 22 veces, descargada 2 veces

cerca de Portneuf, Idaho (United States)

The East Fork Mink Creek Road does not open until May 15th. The Lead Draw trailhead is located just before the road gate. Near the end of the ride, the route traverses the Mink Creek Nordic Ski Area. There are no mines in Lead Draw but there was a ski area. Paste this link in your browser to see mine claims in Pocatello. https://trailmaps.us/Pocatello_Mines

Paste this link for a short video of Lead Draw ride. https://trailmaps.us/Lead_Draw_Video

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