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cerca de Guanyin Gexia, Liaoning (China)

This is a popular 2 km round-trip walk starting from a parking lot on the east side of Daheishan (Big Black Mountain). The highlight is an ancient Buddhist Temple, partly inside a cave. A broad, smooth surfaced path with stairs with guide rails extends up to the Temple. There were no admission or other fees on this route. There might be a small parking fee.

The Temple is dedicated to Guan Yin, the "Goddess of Mercy", and is also known as Shengshui Temple. It is said to be among North China's largest and most influential sites of this school. The current structures are Ming Dynasty, re-built in AD 1368 on the foundations of a Liao and Jin Dynasty Temple. There is a large Annual March 16 Temple Fair.

A traditional countryside restaurant specialising in chicken is located several hundred meters from the parking lot (see way-point with pictures).

Recorded on December 1, 2018, with sun and calm, warm weather, there were few visitors on the day. The start of the access road near the highway turnoff is rough gravel and dirt, but it soon improves, and is paved closer to the parking lot. The track includes a portion of the access road.

It's easiest to view the route using the "Open Street" or "Open Cycle" Maps. The default Google Map doesn't work in China or is not properly geo-referenced (apparently an unresolved issue betwen Google and China).

Traditional chicken restauraunt

Our hosts booked the popular 12 noon time. Traditional wood fired wok at each table. Here they really go out to catch the chicken for your table, as evidenced by the lines of dots crossing the road from the coop area.

Access road near the parking lot

Access road is paved here, was rougher near the highway.

Parking lot; start of climb to Guan Yin Temple

Bottled water and other refreshments and snacks available at the parking lot. There are great views of the East slopes of Daheishan from along the access path. A number of descending couples are pictured, one helping the other down the path and stairs.
Edificio de interés

The South Gate (Nanmen)

Two photos have interesting description of the Temple history. An interesting kind of long eared black squirrel was seen here. Friendly cats move along the access path.

Stairway through the forest

The late autumn early winter forest is open, most leaves having fallen.
Edificio de interés

Temple buildings

Ancient structures are preserved here; one plaque reads; "Mainly preserved architecture in Dalian". Much of the detail appears to be of great age, as seen by the weathering, and restoration works over centuries. Part of the Temple is inside a small natural cave.
Edificio de interés

Guan Yin Temple

Outside the entrance to the Cave Temple.

Descent through forest

The decending path is a bit to the west of the ascending path, and narrower, somewhat rougher. We also saw lots of people who prefer to decend on the easier ascending path. There are primitive toilet facilities just below the waypoint location.

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