Tiempo  12 horas 31 minutos

Coordenadas 934

Fecha de subida 4 de enero de 2008

Fecha de realización mayo 2007

1.368 m
27 m
20,46 km

Vista 5925 veces, descargada 219 veces

cerca de Kálfafellsstaður, IS.06 (Ísland)

A fairly long and strenuous ascent with the potential for avalanches at the time of year we did it - but offering fantastic views of the neighbouring terrain. It is probably a lot simpler to make the ascent along the route of our descent - but not nearly as much fun! Click the title ("Birnudalstindur") above for some pictures (actually far too many - I need to cull them).

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26-MAY-07 6:31:34 - 26-MAY-07 6:31:34


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