Tiempo  6 horas 47 minutos

Coordenadas 914

Fecha de subida 5 de enero de 2008

Fecha de realización julio 2007

1.503 m
483 m
15,98 km

Vista 6840 veces, descargada 274 veces

cerca de Hlíðarendi, Rangarvallasysla (Ísland)

In the middle ages Hekla was recognised throughout Europe as the gateway to hell. Today it is Iceland's most famous volcano - and erupts very frequently by Icelandic standards.
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  • Foto de Northern Mountaineer

    Northern Mountaineer 09-ene-2008

    I was in Iceland last summer and fell in love with the country (I have to say that we enjoyed 10 days in a row of sun!) next time I'll approach Heckla with one of your tracks. We saw it from a distance and then we flew above it and it's impressive.

    btw: thanks for correcting the wrong accent of my GPS track! :)


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