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cerca de Siglufjörður, Norðurland Eystra (Ísland)

After doing Seldalsfjall with Unni, I drove towards Siglufjordur. Recently a new road was opened on the way to Siglufjordur which lies through a deserted fjord, Héðinsfjörður. A beautiful fjord which was only accessible before from sea or by foot over the mountains. Anyway, plan was to do Mt. Hestskarðshnjúkur which is next to the pass usually done when crossing over to Héðinsfjörður. This was to be an easy one too, just as Seldalsfjall. It´s kind of steep (appr. 750m upwards on 2km) and when I was about 700 m.o.s. I had almost no grip anymore in the hard snow so I decided to turn back and come back later. Still the track can easily be used although I don´t know excactly if this is the best route during summertime. Weather was excellent and the view outstanding, beautiful mountains all around. After looking better at this route and compare it to others I think it´s better to access the peak more north.


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