Tiempo  3 horas 29 minutos

Coordenadas 535

Fecha de subida 7 de agosto de 2008

Fecha de realización julio 2008

1.069 m
399 m
5,99 km

Vista 4674 veces, descargada 72 veces

cerca de Knappstaðir, Skagafjardarsysla (Ísland)

Having climbed Hestskarðshnjúkur in the morning I decided to finish my "tasks" in the northern half of the Tröllaskagi peninsula that afternoon by climbing this mountain. The ascent was straightforward, I must admit that the summit didn't really live up to the description given in the Book as far as loftiness and exposure were concerned. It does however demonstrate the erosive power of frost and water in a spectacular fashion, I've never seen rock fractured so impressively before. The transit to the lower summit was easy, I then availed myself of a loose scree slope to expedite my descent.

The view is fantastic but I can't name the peaks visible from the top, I simply don't know the local geography of the area well enough. The village visible to the northeast is Ólafsfjörður.
25-JUL-08 15:52:18 - 25-JUL-08 15:52:18
25-JUL-08 18:24:16 - 25-JUL-08 18:24:16
25-JUL-08 17:58:28 - 25-JUL-08 17:58:28


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