• Foto de Ýmir
  • Foto de Ýmir
  • Foto de Ýmir

Tiempo  7 horas 7 minutos

Coordenadas 997

Fecha de subida 18 de marzo de 2008

Fecha de realización marzo 2006

1.472 m
867 m
13,92 km

Vista 5126 veces, descargada 209 veces

cerca de Ásólfsskáli, Rangarvallasysla (Ísland)

The highest peak in the Tindfjöll massif is Ýmir, named after a giant ("jötunn") from Norse mythology. Three of us did this hike in March 2006 - the snow was very deep and visibility very poor so while the others took turns breaking trail, I navigated by means of "left" "straight" and "right" instructions - this explains the meanders!

The first two photos were taken on the trip - the third one a couple of months later from Fimmvörðuháls ("Five-cairn Pass") - it shows about half the route. Ýmir is the leftmost of the two peaks near mid-picture.
18-MAR-06 15:43:38 - 18-MAR-06 15:43:38


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