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Fecha de realización septiembre 2016

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cerca de Log, Kranjska Gora (Slovenija)

This tour takes you across two mountain passes through the Julian Alps, through Slovenia and Italy, taking in highlights such as the Vršič Pass, the Passo del Predil, the Soča Valley, the Lago del Predil and the beautiful cycling path on former railway tracks between Tarvisio and Krjanska Gora. All the way you are accompanied by great mountain views, sparkling mountain streams, woods and meadows. I did this cycling tour on August 8, 2016, but due to a wrong setting I had lost the data on my GPS when I got back from holidays. I redrew the tour on a map as it is a very nice tour to make. The tour includes significant climbing. However, the total ascent is about 400 m less than calculated by wikiloc (estimate). The stretch between Tarvisio and Krjanska Gora is on a former railway track and only includes gentle slopes. The Vršič Pass is a major touristic Slovenian highlight, so can become quite busy. I recommend starting early.
The tour starts in Kranjska Gora. You follow the Vršiška cesta towards the Vršič Pass along the Pišnica river. After about 2 km you pass Lake Jasna with clear water and a bronze statue of an ibex. After about 3 km you cross the river again and the serious climbing starts. See also the profile on for more information on grade and ranking of the climb. Each hairpin (50 up and down the pass) is numbered, and on the way up also paved with cobblestones to increase the difficulty…The last 3 kilometers are most difficult with average grade above 10%. On the way you pass by the Russian chapel commemorating the numerous Russian prisoners of war that constructed it in 1915. Putin had just been there a week before remembering them. After about 12 km you reach the pass, and start the magnificent descent to the Trenta valley. On the way there is a monument to Dr. Julius Kugy. Just before Trenta, in the valley, you first meet the Soča river and pass it several times after following the valley towards Bovec. This is a magnificent mountain river with several hang bridges across it (nice to try in combination with a short break). Just before you get to Bovec you turn right on the road climbing to the Predel pass (see This pass is considerably less strenuous although there are about 5 km with average grade above 8% after the village of Log pod Mangartom. The pass is also the border with Italy, and from here you descent past the Lago del Predil to the Rio Bianco valley. This valley takes you to Tarvisio, a touristic town close to Austria and Slovenia with plenty of restaurants. Here, you also enter the Alpe Adria cycling path on a former railway track. After about 1.6 km, there is a bifurcation (straight on you go to Austria), and you turn right towards Slovenia. You follow this excellent, largely dedicated cycling path slightly uphill for about 9 km to the Slovenian border. After this you follow the D-2 cycling track back to Krjanska Gora for about 7 km. This stretch is largely on minor roads on the former railway track, and slightly descends.

The main places to find something to eat and drink are Krjanska Gora and Tarvisio, but you will also find some spots in Trenta, Soča, Log pod Mangartom and a few spots along the cycling path. Near the Vršič Pass is a kiosk, but it was closed when I was there. The restaurant at Predil pass was also closed.

Border Italy-Slovenia

Here you pass the border from Italy to Slovenia.

Cycle Path Alpe-Adria

Here you enter the cycle path Alpe-Adria. This is a former railway track. You directly pass the former station of Tarvisio.

Cycle Path Tarvisio – Ratece – Kranjska Gora – Mojstrana

Here there is a crossing of cycle routes. You go in the direction of Slovenia here, This cycle path is largely on a former railway track as well. Near the beginning you ride on short stretches of road, around the railway station Tarvisio Boscoverde.

Descent to Trenta

Here starts the beautiful descent to Trenta.

Jezero Jasna

Nice little lake at the start of the Vršiška cesta

Lago del Predil

You pass this lake on the descent from Passo del Predil

Log pod Mangartom

Village on the way to Passo del Predil. Up until the village the ascent is moderate. Directly after the village, the ascent becomes a bit more steep.
Collado de montaña

Passo del Predil - Predel

Pass on the Italian-Slovenian border.

Rio Bianco Valley

Here starts the descent through the Rio Bianco valley to Tarvisio.
Arquitectura religiosa

Russian Chapel

Chapel dedicated to the Russian prisoners of war that built the road. A week before my trip, the Russian president Putin visited the chapel causing a huge traffic jam in northern Slovenia. You can see the canopy used for the ceremony. I visited the chapel later on the day after the cycling trip.

Side road to Mangart

Here you can go right for an extra challenge, the climb to Mangart. See

Soča Valley

You descend slowly through the Soča Valley, crossing the beautiful Soča river several times.

Start Climb to Vršič Pass

From here the road starts to climb seriously.

Start Climb to Predil Pass

Here the climb to Predil pass starts.


Touristic town with plenty of restaurants.
Collado de montaña

Vršič Pass

Here is the pass.


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