Tiempo  8 días 10 horas 3 minutos

Coordenadas 23901

Fecha de subida 14 de enero de 2016

Fecha de realización enero 2016

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872 m
-10 m
486,32 km

Vista 3912 veces, descargada 29 veces

cerca de Palma, Islas Baleares (España)

Volta de 7 dies per l'illa de Mallorca.
-Palma - Esporles
-Esporles - Orient - Esporles
-Esporles - santuari de Lluc
- santuari de Lluc - santuari de Bonany
-santuari de Bonany - PortoCristo
-PortoCristo - Porreres
-Porreres - Palma
més info a www.lepetitroc.cat

2 comentarios

  • Foto de agustí-CYCLOTURISME

    agustí-CYCLOTURISME 16-feb-2016

    Ua molt interesant proposta.

  • Foto de jasmienh

    jasmienh 18-ago-2020

    He realizado esta ruta  verificado  ver detalle

    I just did this route and liked it a lot, so thanks to the author! I do have a few tips:
    - there are offroad sections / bumpy roads. Was okay for my trekking bike but maybe not ideal for racing bikes.
    - i think they took the train after Petra
    - there are some parts on busy roads that could be avoided in the southern section going to the coast
    - i completed it in 4 days
    - i would skip the round trip from esporles and replace with e nicer one, the one suggested is not that special
    - liked the fact that I could see all the regions but would next time i would keep to the northern part as I found it the most interesting

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