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cerca de Bordeaux, Aquitaine (France)

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WCRVBB-T02-CANAL GARONNE ET MIDI 611 km: STAGE 01-Bordeaux-La Reole 90 km

Primera etapa partiendo de Burdeos y atravesando la campiña y viñedos con muchas subidas y bajadas cortas. Luego se va al lado del Garona  se encuentra el canal lateral del Garona, hasta la Reola.

First stage Bordeaux to La Reole. The first part of the stage is through the beautiful vineyards of Bordeaux, with the very beautiful chateaux. All in steeply hilly paved secondary roads. Then you reach the begin of the Lateral Chanel of Garonne till La Reole. In the final part is a little excursion to flats paved routes near the chanel. The part beside the channel is in paved bike paths.

   - Vineyards and Castles in Bordeux.
   - Saint Macaire.
   - Pont Daurat

La Reole, a quiet city next to the Garone, with excellents views over the river in a village terrasse, and some old restored houses with wood constructions.


Follow all the time the main road near the river Garonne till the Canal Lateral. More traffic.

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