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cerca de Strandby, South Denmark (Denmark)

Danube STAGE 00
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WCRVBB-T17-TOUR OF DENMARK: STAGE 02-Esbjerg-Hvide Sande 86km

This is the 2nd stage of the Tour of Denmark that you can find clicking here.

In Esbjerg we join National Route number 1, which follow all the North Sea Route to top of Jutlan, Skagen. We will follow the route for 2 stages at the moment. We only desviate from the route to see some interestings places near the route. After leaving Esbjerg, we first find the big statue of man at the Sea, 4 giant men of stone siting looking to the sea. Apart of the statues, the views to the sea are splendid.
After some kilometers between the sea and beautiful houses with magnific views, in the main road, sometimes with bike lanes, we take a deviation  to a non paved road that passes between a lonely lake very interesting. In Oksbol, you can visit then the Fire Engine museum.
A route through a military camp leads to the coast. In Henne, you take a deviation to Henne Strand, where you can see the first north Sea beach, with many dunes. Before Henne Strand you can climb on a dune which is a sightseeing point, where you can see many houses in the sands.
Back to Henne, then you pass through a forest with a secondare road, and you reach the Blabjerg dune, which with 67 m tall offers excellents views of this part of the country.
More kilometers and then you reach an interesting non paved bike trail through the sand dunes and next to an old railroad than you can ride renting a train-bike. Then, the dune path passes between Rinkobing lake and the sea, just below the big dune than protects many villages of secondary residences in the sands. You can also see some fishing huts near the lake.
Finally you reach Hvide Sande.

  - Man at the Sea statue.
  - Fire engine museum at Oksbol.
  - Henne Strand. Beach resort with dunes.
  - Blabjberg dune. Excellent views.
  - Fishing huts.
  - Point of view over Rinkobing in the sands.

Hvide Sande is a peacefull village in a stream of water than comunicates Rinkobing fjord or lake to the sea. It has a fishing museum that you can visit, and a panoramic point with a bunker in top of it, that you can visit inside. It also has a harbour with many fishers around and a beautiful church to visit.
In this city, Hvide Sande Danhostel is an interesting, confortable and relatively place to sleep and prepare your own meals.


Take the main road instead of some bike paths in the sand.

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Have a nice trip!

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