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cerca de Donji Milanovac (Serbia)

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WCRVBB-19-Biking Low Danube - STAGE 04 - Donji Milanovac-Brza Palanka 91 km

Etapa 4 de la Ruta que discurre por el bajo Danubio de Belgrado a Constanta, durante 1017 km hasta el Mar Negro en 10 etapas. Va de Donji Milanovac a Brza Palanka, siendo la segunda parte del Iron Gate, donde el Danubio se encajona impresionantemente entre los Cárpatos y los Balcanes. En esta etapa el fondo del río es bajo el nivel del mar Caspio en algún punto. De especial interés el esfige esculpida, el punto más estrecho (100 m) y la gran presa Iron Gate, que controla el caudal del Danubio y es grande generadora de corriente.

This is the forth stage, from Donji Milanovac to Brza Palanka with 91 km. Is de second and final part of the Iron Gate, where the dunav crosses between the balcans (in northen romanian border) and the Carpathian (in southern serbian border). We circulate in the serbian border. It starts from Donji Milanovac, and where the dunav is quite wide but in a few kilometers we enter in the narrowest point of the Dunav (hardly 100 m wide). We pass more tunnels, one of 360 m length and we have a very pleasant view of Dubova bay (in romanian border) just in the semaphore restaurant (now closed). It's a river traffic sign made with a very big metal ball. We also find the Mraconia monastery on te romanian side, a monastery build almost over the Dunav waters.
Few kilometers later we can see the Decebalus Statue in a big cliff over a bridge, on the romanian border. We can't see the trojan mural, because in the same serbian side and almost in water levels. The road from Donji is wide and with only few cars. There are no services or touristic points in this dramatic scenery, so it makes more exciting.
After few kilometers we climb Golo brdo pass, a steepy slope, with excellent views on top. Down the hill, we finally arrive to Tekija, the first village in many kilometers, were you can take a rest and have some drinks or food.
Now, on the other side of the river you see Orsova bay, and then all the way the E-70 romanian road, with many bridges to pass between the cliffs and the river (and with many traffic). The serbian border, remains with almost no cars and a very good paved road. Finally we reach the impressive Portile the fier (Irong Gate) dam, with a road over it that crosses to Romania. You can see the dam upstream and downstream. It's very huge. Now the road gets a little busy with fast cars, up to city of Kladovo. On the way you see the Ruins of the Diana Castle and the Fetislam Fortress. In Kladovo you can take more provisions or a rest or go to the picturesque beach on the dunav sands. The final part of the stage is a smooth climb and return to the river, and the final aproach to Brza Palanka.

   - The narrowest point (100 m).
   - River Semaphore.
   - Decebalus statue on the cliffs of the romanian side.
   - Mraconia monastery on the romanian side.
   - Iron Gate dam.
   - Diana Castle ruins.
   - Fetislan Fortress.
   - City of Kladovo.

Brza Palanka is a small village, with a camping and a motel than can be the perfect place to pass the night. There are no more hotels or something similar. It's a very pleasant place near the river with a good restaurant. You can take a walk to the church and cementery of the village with a very impressive graveyard with drawings of the deads in every tomb.

There are almost no alternatives in this stages. If you want to make it longer, between Kladovo and Brza Palanka you can follow all the way the road near the river passing Korbovo village.

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Mirocka voda Camp Site Brza Palanka


Punts més estret


Tunel 360 m el mes llarg


Badia Dubovo


Restaurant terrassa bola semafor


Vista estatua pared DEdebal


Cim Golo Brdo


Presa i canal


Castell Diana


Fetislam Fortress


Platja de Kladovo


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