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cerca de Arles, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (France)

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Això és la volta circular a la Camargue (provença frances), entre el triangle que formen Arles, Saintes Maries de la Mer i la desembocadura del Rhone. Es dona la volta a tot el parc natural i el tram més interessant es el camí que forma la franja de terra entre el mar i els estanys del parc, amb les famoses vistes als flamencs rosats.

Esto es la vuelta circular a la Camargue (provenza francesa), entre el triángulo que forman Arles, Saintes Maries de la Mer y la desembocadura del Rhone. Se da la vuelta a todo el parque natural y el tramo más interesante es el camino que forma la franja de tierra entre el mar y los lagos del parque, con las famosas vistas a los flamencos rosados.

This is circular trip around the Camargue (french provence), around the triangle between Arles, Saintes Maries de la Mer and the mouth of the river Rhone. It goes around the entire park and the section more interesting is the way in the strip of land between the sea and the lakes in the park, with views of the famous pink flamingos.


The trip is in two stages, one from Arles to Saintes Maries de la Mer and the rest in one stage to return to Arles.

Here you have the map of the trip:


You start in Arles, which is a very interesting city to visit, with the views over the Rhone river and the historical center, with the roman amphiteather as the main attraction. On the road, you follow beautiful secondary roads till the Etang de Vaccares. On the way you can see fields full of bulls and horses tipical of the Camarge. The landscapes are beautiful and pleasants. Near the lakes you can see the firsts flamingos and many other kind of birds.

Finally you reach Saintes Maries the la Mer, a beautiful city with many attractions to see as the Main Church and his beautiful bells. The village is the country of gypsies, where you can see often singing in the streets.

After Saintes Maries de la Mer, starts the most beautiful part of the trip. You head to the Bouches of Rhone, between a strip of land between the sea and the lakes. There are very solitary and impressive beaches, very flats and larges. Inland, you see the lakes and all the birds that live inside. Particulary beautiful is the sight of the flamingos, with their sounds and their pink colour that changes the colour of the water. Also beautiful is the dry lakes which turn the sand white beacuse of the salt.

Of interest is the Gacholle lighthouse, which can be visited inside. Finally you reach the village of Salin the Giraud, where you can visit all the Salin complex (salt). Here you can also visit the Rhone and the Bouches (where the river turns to the sea), and his very large beaches of sand and sand.

On the way returning to Arles, you follow more secondary roads with no traffic, which goes between the lakes where you can see more lakes and lakes, particularly the main stang of Vacares, which is vey huge.

We do the trip with a mountain tandem with road tires. The way is almost paved, but from Saintes Maries de la Mer to Salin de Giraud is a surface non paved but easy to ride. The only inconvenient are some sand dunes that are dificult to ride. You can go this part on food.

Best time is spring or autumn, where there more birds because of the inmigration. And summer can be too hot.

We stay in a Logis de France hotel in Saintes Maries. Very quiet like most of hotels in France.

In summer it can be hot. There are also some sand dunes difficult to ride past Saintes Maries de la Mer.

By car is perhaps the best way to aproximate to the start of the route Arles, but you aso have train connections.

Here you have all the two stages:


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Have a nice trip!

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STAGE 2: ARLES 90 km

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    De la Camarga tot el recorregut va ser preciós. Si n'hagués de triar un el tram entre Saintes Maries de les Mer i Salin de Giraud, amb les imatges dels flamencs roses sobre les blanques aigües salines.

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