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262 m

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11 de julio de 2011

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julio 2011
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238 m
63 m
22,1 km

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cerca de Plympton Erle, England (United Kingdom)

An easy route that follows National Cycle Path 27 from Coypool, where there is lots of parking. This trail has an optional detour at Bickleigh which goes up to the public moorland and across the moors to Clearbrook. This section is not suitable for city bikes and probably not for young kids either, unless they're really adventurous. If you want to avoid the detour just continue along the cycle path.

The trail, as mapped here, is mostly off-road. The cycle path is paved except for the bit nearest Clearbrook. The moorland is single-track varying between open moorland and sometimes between gorse bushes, nothing very technical at all. The section from Bickleigh up to the moors is on road which is usually quiet.

There is one tunnel, which is lit although still gloomy.

It can take 1 hour to do if you push on. My extra 30 minutes were to stop to mark waypoints and take photos. With kids / friends / parents etc and a leisurely lunch it can take several hours.

Falcon lookout

During the Spring and Summer a specific look-out point is set up and maintained for people to watch Peregrin Falcons hatch and grow.

Turn-off or merge

The road continues on, but turn off here, just over the bridge and follow the old water way across the moor. If you miss it and turn off a little later, it won't matter as the paths will likely merge.

Village of Clearbrook

Clearbrook, which features a pub with garden, or you can sit on the moors on the opposite side of the road.

Off-road junction

The path across the moors (right) meets the path up from the cycle path (left), and continues on to Clearbrook village (behind).

Bickleigh junction.

Take the right fork if taking the detour to Bickleigh and across the moors, otherwise go straight on.


Additional parking is available here if you want to skip the section from Coypool. The gate shown in the photo is at the entrance to the car park and takes you up to the cycle path.


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