13,77 km

Desnivel positivo

220 m

Dificultad técnica


Desnivel negativo

220 m

Altitud máxima

523 m


46 4,3

Altitud mínima

302 m

Tipo de ruta

  • Foto de Innstidalur - Sleggjubeinaskarð
  • Foto de Innstidalur - Sleggjubeinaskarð
  • Foto de Innstidalur - Sleggjubeinaskarð


una hora 35 minutos



Fecha de subida

6 de octubre de 2012

Fecha de realización

octubre 2012
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4 comentarios
523 m
302 m
13,77 km

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cerca de Hveragerðisbær, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Nice little track with good climbs, flowy singletrack and technical downhill section at the end.
Start from the parking lot at Sleggjubeinaskarð and head back on the tarmac towards the main powerplant. Soon after take a right and follow the road up the hill. Its quite steep but since it is on tarmac not too difficult. Once at the top leave the tarmac at the first junction and follow the trail eastwards around the mountain (Skarðsmýrarfjall). There comes one hill which you have to hike up but from the top its nice easy flowing into Innstidalur along an old jeeptrack.
For the last bit (Sleggjubeinaskarð) drop the saddle and enjoy the steep somewhat technical descent back to the parking lot. :)

All in all a nice little track which can be cleared in about 1 - 1,5 hours.

4 comentarios

  • Foto de Larusarni

    Larusarni 7 oct 2012

    He realizado esta ruta  Ver más

    Surprising range of diversity in terms of trail material in only 14km. Gravel roads to quite technical rocky sections, mud, clay, grass and a few small streams to cross. Good fun.

  • mieva 22 ago 2013

    He realizado esta ruta  Ver más

    Interesting area and nice track but the final downhill with steep abrupt sections and loose grit looked a bit too scary for our hardtails.

    NB: after the first section of the tarmac road GPS tried to take us between the 2 roads, the actual track being more to the right.

  • Foto de Larusarni

    Larusarni 26 ago 2013

    Video from the downhill section:

  • Andrea Sigurðardóttir 3 ago 2020

    He realizado esta ruta  verificado  Ver más

    The downhill part in the end has been ruined, the path has been modified for hikers with stairs and steps so the flow is gone :(

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