• Foto de Marardalur - Húsafellsbrunajaðar
  • Foto de Marardalur - Húsafellsbrunajaðar
  • Foto de Marardalur - Húsafellsbrunajaðar

Tiempo  4 horas 21 minutos

Coordenadas 2370

Fecha de subida 2 de octubre de 2012

Fecha de realización agosto 2012

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494 m
76 m
47,81 km

Vista 6128 veces, descargada 112 veces

cerca de Hveragerðisbær, Suðurland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

This track has it all. Great scenery, climbs and descends, technical sections, flowing singletrack.
The first part has some hike n bike sections but the view makes up for the climbs. The second half is downhill more or less.
With almost 50 km its fairly difficult but you can make a stop at half time at Litla Kaffistofan and have a cup of coffee and stock up on energy. Remember to fill the water bottle there aswell as that is the last available water untill you get back into Rvk.

Rating - from 1 - 5 points
Scenery: 5
Technicality: 4
Difficulty: 4
Flow: 4

Overall rating: 4-5 points

2 comentarios

  • Foto de Larusarni

    Larusarni 02-oct-2012

    He realizado esta ruta  ver detalle


  • Védís 02-ago-2018

    He realizado esta ruta  ver detalle

    My first MTB trip... and there was no returning after this experience. What a great way to experience the nature.

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