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cerca de Kelsterbach, Hessen (Deutschland)

Round tour from Kelsterbach visiting most of the ponds and lakes of the forests that surround Frankfurt Airport, following mainly MTB route no.69 of Hessen. This is a mostly flat route using easy dirty roads (and some paths). Very nice forest area full with dirty roads, although some parts of it are quite noisy due to the vicinity of the airport and the highways.

Some things to take into account regarding this track:

-I didn't find the crossing above the highway close to Nauheim that according to the map would have taken me directly to Nachtweideesee. So... I just skipped this pond and Kiebertsee.

-In Monchwaldsee, I kept following the path close the shore of the pond, and then climb up a very steep slope to catch a road above the pond. I could have taken the road earlier and I wouldn't have needed to walk and push my bike up the slope.


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