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cerca de Jomsom, Western Region (Nepal)

One of the most amazing rides I in one of the most amazing places: Annapurna Himalaya Motain Range. This route I took tried to avoid the road as much as possible but there are places where there is no other option. This was one of my dreams comin to Nepal and I made it. I was lucky enough to be able to rent a bike in Jomson as all the bikes in Muktinath were rented.

You have to make an early start, mine wasn't at 8:30 am going through the walking trail that is part of the circuit. It is sometimes not easy to follow so it is good to have a GPS handy. The trails and the views are magnificent. It can be ridden most of the way but I got lost in a part and had to do some carrying. There are some quite dangerous precipices which I had to ride slowly and with some technique but they were awsome singletrack. The trail goes past towns, temples, rivers. It is simply amazing.

The heavy descent is done over the road tough there are a few parts where the trail can be taken. In the end it was a bliss but physically demanding to do in one day, specially if you're not experienced. I arrived in Tatopani at 6pm directly to the hot springs after a very tiring but rewarding day riding filled by the energy and might of the Himalayas.

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  • gerard10 18-abr-2016

    Hey so you rented a bike in Jomsom and you can ride it till Tatopani? its not necessari to return it in Jomsom? thats nice if you can ride all the way down with a mtb!

  • Foto de yobein

    yobein 18-abr-2016

    Yes you can rent it even from Muktinath and have a longer ride. Just be sure to call them in avance to reserve as they can run out of bikes as it happened to me. I also had to carry my trekking backpack on the bike which added to the effort, but the rental shop should be able to arrange a jeep to take it down to Tatopani for you.

  • gerard10 18-abr-2016

    Ok thanks!!!!!

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