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Coordenadas 9769

Fecha de subida 8 de febrero de 2019

Fecha de realización febrero 2019

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cerca de Snarby, Troms (Norge)

Snowshoe trek on 3 days in winter.
February's ego temperature: -20 ° c

Day 1: Snarbyeidet - Nonsbu
Day 2: Nonsbu - Skavarssbu
Day 3: Skavarssbu - Tromsø

Randonné en raquette a neige sur 3 jours en plein hiver.
Température du moi de février: -20 ° c

Jour 1 : Snarbyeidet - Nonsbu
Jour 2 : Nonsbu - Skavarssbu
Jour 3 : Skavarssbu - Tromsø


Nonsbu is a small and intimate accommodation cabin that is part of the town-centered cottage network which Troms Turlag offers both resident and visiting outdoor enthusiasts. It is openly located on a flat area in the upper part of Skittenelvdalen and is easily accessible in summer and winter. To the east you can follow the marked route towards Trollvassbu, west towards Blåkollkoia or south towards Skarvassbu. The cabin has six bunk beds, but can accommodate double if it should be pinched. Built in 1961, Nonsbu became a popular hub for both overnight guests and day visitors with its charming atmosphere. NB: The cottage is not equipped with duvets, only wool blankets. Here you should have your own sleeping bag to stay overnight. The mobile coverage at the cottage is fairly unstable. You can get coverage on the window sill in the old part and sometimes in the outhouse.


Located in beautiful and easily accessible high mountain terrain you will find the two cabins that make up Skarvassbu. "Old Skarvassbu" has a living room with 4 berths, while "New Skarvassbu" has two bedrooms with a total of 7 bunk beds. The cottage is located a short distance from Tromsø and is the westernmost of the four tourist cabins in the immediate area. If you continue north, you can get to Blåkollkoia via Tønsvikdalen and further east lies Nonsbu and Trollvassbu. The cabins offer unique opportunities for several mountain nights right by the town. The local favorite Tromsdalstind (1238 m.) Is also close by and is well worth a visit. NB: The cottage is not equipped with duvets, but there are some wool blankets. You should have your own sleeping bag for accommodation here. There is poor and varying mobile coverage at the cottage, but a few hundred meters southeast, on the slope towards Langlitinden, there is good coverage.


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