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Tiempo  8 horas 50 minutos

Coordenadas 482

Fecha de subida 1 de agosto de 2016

Fecha de realización julio 2016

4.176 m
3.308 m
19,77 km

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cerca de Nūrla, Jammu and Kashmīr (India)

After crossing the ridge from Tar do not go on the right (there are flags and trail) - instead continue by the stream (most probably dry) upwards.
After reaching Hibti La turn right and descend on the slope few hundreds meters (the only trail). Then continue few hours up-n-down until Manguy La. From Manguy La descend to the road and continue by it. Before crossing a stream you might try to descend more and follow the stream till Myanguy (this trek follows main road and is slightly longer).
Bus goes from Myanguy to Leh once a week on Thursday.


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