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Tiempo en movimiento  2 horas 46 minutos

Tiempo  5 horas 21 minutos

Coordenadas 1343

Fecha de subida 3 de diciembre de 2017

Fecha de realización diciembre 2017

2.774 m
2.168 m
7,31 km

Vista 39 veces, descargada 1 veces

cerca de Alcocer, Guanajuato (Mexico)

Alcocer - Las Flores


Tree and ledges


A few feet more on the ledges


Top of tower hill

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    mike lambert 04-dic-2017

    I ran out of battery before the entire return could be recorded. We hike a little over 6 miles.

  • Foto de mike lambert

    mike lambert 05-dic-2017

    The Elusive Trail
    This hike is on a ridge S-W of Alcocer which runs clear up to the Twin Towers (9,100'). I believe it is only about six miles in length - remarkably short!

    A small few of us had only done it twice before. The initial ridge has no passable trail. In fact, the hike was billed as requiring some bushwhacking to clear this trail. The two earlier hikes had me clearing a through-passage with hands, boots and teeth, but this time I had a machete. Now​ -​ Machete Mike accomplished the task with gusto. (My recommendation, when addressing Mike when he has a machete in hand, always remember to say please.)

    Most of the route runs straight and gradual. But once you get into the deeper oak forest section above 8,500', with limited distance visibility it takes a good sense of direction to come out directly under the towers [which we did :>) ]. This final section also has no clear path, and is heavily overgrown with miscellaneous shrub-growth and foot-tripping llianas. Geoff took a turn at the machete here - we needed something to slow him down a bit. But he got the easiest job - if it had been harder he would probably have turned to Stella to do it!

    One other note-worthy mention: sections on this route provided heavy infestations of vicious cat's-claw! We have developed a saying that it is not a hike until someone is bleeding ! Let me tell you: this was a hundred hikes ! Without bread-crumbs, but with a blood-hound, the trail is easily followed a second time! Having cleared this route, I would love to repeat it soon and have every-one bring along a set of pruning shears to deal the cat's claw a set-back. This done, it would probably become a favorite trail - to rival the Colorado Canyon trail to the Neck.

    The trail starts off West on the cobbled road and past the first locked gate which requires a detour along a section which is now heavily fenced off - with thorn-bush cuttings (Huisache). Veering off the road along a vehicle trail to the right, brings you through a gully to a fence-gate. Pass through the gate, turn S (left) along the fence, then gradually ascend the ridge to your right along a path which brings ​you ​to the rhs base of the ridge ending ahead.
    Ascending to the top this ridge​,​ is the only steep scramble on this hike. Traversing S along it also requires dexterous footwork, while balancing on rocks.
    ​Why even do this section if it is a bit challenging? Because it provides the most rewarding views almost immediately after the start of a hike. Th​is high point is only 7,840'.

    A very heavy foggy-start to the morning for us five hikers, obscured some of the view. So we took pictures with hikers in the foreground.
    ​​Geoff Josie Mike Stella


    Forcing a path with a machete:

    This time of year, the lead hiker needs to keep a look-out for huge-spider, spider-webs draped across the trail. Reportedly, these are harmless, though the web itself may be harmful if it gets in your eye. Somebody want to research this?

    At the top around noon.

    Our lunch was marred by the view of many pieces of trash deposited there since our last visit here (2 weeks ago) by workers who had recently installed a new solar panel, batteries and microwave dish, on the old (disused) antenna tower. We took pictures and plan to follow up.

    We made a loop on the return path, on a​ familiar​ trail that runs along West side of this ridge and were back at the car by 3 pm.​ There are also two junctions to this trail higher up, which we failed ​to discover this time.

    Despite the physical challenges of this Elusive Loop, it seemed to me that ​a ​'heads-up' was una​ni​mous. ​Now you may be wondering why the elusive name? Because establishing this as a proper trail, has long been a target. I blush to think that I once encouraged a large group of hikers to take on another ridge by mistake, while looking for this one!

    This is a link to the wikiloc trail, however it doesn't work! It seems to m

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