169 9 21


3,9 km

Desnivel positivo

523 m

Dificultad técnica

Muy difícil

Desnivel negativo

224 m

Altitud máxima

2.386 m


40 3,9

Altitud mínima

1.985 m

Tipo de ruta

Solo ida


4 horas 56 minutos



Fecha de subida

4 de marzo de 2017

Fecha de realización

marzo 2017
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2.386 m
1.985 m
3,9 km

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cerca de Vereda Chingui, Departamento de Antioquia (Republic of Colombia)

Caminata iniciando desde la vereda Arenales siguiendo el camino que lleva a la quebrada, se continúa rio arriba hasta llegar a la Cascada El Chorro de Las Campanas. Se continúa el ascenso por el bosque y las pineras para llegar a la entrada de la Cascada el Salto del Ángel y luego seguir el sendero para la Salida a La Catedral.

Puente viga

Puente viga

Chorro de las campanas

Chorro de las campanas
Collado de montaña


Descanso después de salir del Chorro de las Campanas.

Entrada al Salto del Ángel

Entrada al Salto del Ángel

Virgen en la gruta

Virgen el en la gruta

La Catedral de Envigado

La Catedral de Envigado

3 comentarios

  • jessica.johnson803 20 jun. 2018

    Beautiful hike, took about 4 hours though as we stopped a lot to soak in the surroundings. The trial marked in this app is very accurate. You do end up walking through water at one point so plan accordingly. This is a pretty steep hike so maybe not the best if you aren't sure on your feet. Trail is very well marked (except between the bridge and first waterfall) but we managed. Ran into a couple groups of people along the way. Mostly young backpackers.

  • Pierdolony 1 nov. 2018

    He realizado esta ruta  verificado  ver detalle

    We did that hike but opposite direction: going down. Still not easy! Especially with a surprise thunderstorm like we had. Creek started too flood as well the path, we were getting lost all the time, covered in mud climbing the sticking out roots, up and down. Thankfully we had this map. I don't know how we would get out of there without it, the lower part is just impossible to navigate.

  • Wak017 18 ago. 2019

    He realizado esta ruta  ver detalle

    The trek is good, the view is splendid. We followed the river for a much longer time than the route mentioned. There are many, many places where you are given two directions, but only one of them leads to somewhere eventually, else you need to go back a bit. This is why the trek is long, otherwise it would take ~3 hours. Tip: follow the river as much as you can. The waterfalls will get bigger and bigger as you go through the trail unless you do it reverse like some blogs suggest. You can go through the whole river without removing your boots if you want to, but beware for slippery rocks.

    It's not an easy trek. I was thankful to be physically well prepared.

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