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cerca de Goðdalir, Skagafjardarsysla (Ísland)

Hiking route from a place near Beinholl on Kjalvegur, over Kjalfell mountain to Strytur crater and back to car near Beinholl.
Hveravellir Camp Site and hut
North of Kjalfell
Strytur Crater

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  • Foto de Anderson

    Anderson 20-mar-2008

    I drove near this trail's head but didn't knew about the route by then. Thanks for sharing it, I'll keep it in mind for next time I'm in Iceland!

    Btw: would you recommend any climbing gear?

    Many Thanks

  • Foto de stefhara

    stefhara 20-mar-2008

    The trail head is approximately 5 km from the mountain road Kjalvegur, and the track to get there is not marked on all maps. The hike itself is easy and no climbing gear needed - gps recommended though as the lava fields around Strytur crater are difficult to navigate if it gets dark or foggy. And there is no trail - it is a wilderness hike.

Si quieres, puedes o esta ruta