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cerca de Sarria, Galicia (España)

On the Camino Way Sarria To Santiago de Compostela you will Walk the last 100km of the Camino Frances This is the most popular stage of the Camino way. Walkers will get their Camino Passport stamped because you will have walked over 100km to Santiago.

When walking the Camino Way Sarria To Santiago de Compostela, expect to cover on average 20 to 25 kilometres per day walking between five and eight hours each day. You do not need high levels of fitness, however the fitter you are the more you will enjoy the experience. If you are a regular walker you should have no difficulty. Get in training be doing regular walks during the week of 30-45 mins and longer walks at the weekend. You should do as much walking as possible prior to your walk as this will simply add to your enjoyment. That said if you are not at peak fitness you will find you will soon walk yourself fit.

We recommend April/May when the spring flowers are at there best and September/October when the what the autumn leaves are turning. It can get very hot in June, July and August.

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