Tiempo  4 horas 45 minutos

Coordenadas 1576

Fecha de subida 19 de agosto de 2016

Fecha de realización agosto 2016

2.750 m
318 m
12,44 km

Vista 330 veces, descargada 4 veces

cerca de Saint-Ferriol, Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées (France)

We parked our car just off the D509 in Saint-Ferriol and started the walk following the track that runs just beneath the road in eastern direction and gives nice views straight from the beginning.

Once you reach the road you walk back for slightly more than 100 metrse before turning to the left to start the climb to Pech Saint-Ferriol whivh provides a splendid panorama in all direcions.

After the short detour to the top we walked back to the path which then descends first through the Woods but then through the open plains until you get to the Falaises at 440 metres. Then a steep path descends to 400 metres and from then on you will walk a quite level track under the cliffs until you are forced to descend to 320 metres.

This is a very beautiful part of the walk.

From 320 mtres a broad track leads you in a wide bend through wooded area and vineyards back to 440 meters to a 'belvedere' on top of the Cliffs which also gives you a wonderful view of the track you have walked alongside the Cliffs just before.

From this point we walked alongside the edge of the Cliffs until we took a track that led us across the fields to a narrow road that took us back to Saint-Ferriol.

A wonderful walk to explore the planes of Saint-Ferriol and Granes which give you really interesting views all around.

Parking places




Pech Saint-Ferriol

Highest point of the walk: panorama 625m.

The cliffs - Les Falaises


Belvedere de Bac



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