• Foto de Debela Peč, Julian Alps, Slovenia (19-06-2017)
  • Foto de Debela Peč, Julian Alps, Slovenia (19-06-2017)
  • Foto de Debela Peč, Julian Alps, Slovenia (19-06-2017)
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Tiempo  4 horas 12 minutos

Coordenadas 15177

Fecha de subida 28 de abril de 2018

Fecha de realización junio 2017

2.020 m
1.249 m
17,99 km

Vista 221 veces, descargada 7 veces

cerca de Goreljek, Bohinj (Slovenija)

This is one the easiest summits in the Julian Alps. I parked the car at the parking lot of the Šport Hote (some people leave the car at the beginning of the dirt road but I'm not sure whether it's permitted to park there or not). From the hotel you need to walk to the road 906, turn left and continue along the road several hundreds of meters until the dirt road that goes to the right. Then you just need to follow the dirt road until you get to the first intersection. From there you can simply follow the signs, first to the mountain hut Blejska koča na Lipanci and then to the peak.

In the middle of the route, before the first intersection, there is an area with open fields with caws and a bunch of old cottages. One of the cottages is actually a small dairy farm where you can stop by to buy some of their tasty homemade cheeses and talk with the owners (see waypoint on the map).

From the summit there is an amazing view of the Krma Valley (Krma Dolina) and all the major peaks in that area, including Triglav. In this area it's very easy to see chamois.


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