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Fecha de realización octubre 2015

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cerca de Haukland, Nordland (Norge)

From Haukland beach to Utakliev following the history.

We climb the ancient path over the mountains to the Uttakleiv settelment dated at 5-600AD, then over the horse and carriage way started in 1900 by the inhabitants and subsidied by the country council. A 6Km long way with 17 curves and nice views.

Under that path the actual road crosses the mountain through a tunnel 899 metre long build in 1998 with Regional support that brings people safe home and allows the inhabitants to show their gratitude asking money for parking and camping, that's their interpretation of the land's free right of use.

Our way back to nicer welcoming places follows the old road (now closed) around the Veggen mountain under "The Wall" --that's the name given to that mountain. The work to build that road started in 1934, this one was built with communal effort, 5Km long completed in 1947 and was not very well engineered as it seems that frequent avalanches down the mountainside often blocked the road.

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  • Foto de nafelola

    nafelola 29-may-2018

    He realizado esta ruta  ver detalle

    Effectué par beau temps, pas de difficulté.

  • danvillro 16-ago-2018

    He realizado esta ruta  verificado  ver detalle

    This track shows you beautiful views and it is easy to walk ...I’d suggest add the pick to complete it

  • Foto de dani_pent

    dani_pent 16-ago-2018

    Yes, good suggestion. Thank you danvillro!

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