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cerca de Malga Saisera, Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia)

Hiking - Val Saisera was the westernmost defensive outopst of the Habsburg Empire during WWI, meant to stop aggression by the Italian Army thorugh the Dogna Valley.
The name Abschnitt [it means zone/sector] Saisera derives from such Austrian operations.

This track starts from the Jof di Montasio restaurant/lodge - free parking - and is a combination of three loop trails (green, blue, and red) taking to WWI military features.
Trenches, guarding trails, carved galleries with machine gun and cannon positions, and a rebuilt outpost shed.

The trail crosses the wide dry bed of the Saisera river and a spruce forest.

Locanda Jôf di Montasio

Locanda Jôf di Montasio Restau


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