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cerca de Horn, Vestfirðir (Ísland)

Hiking trip in Hornstandir (Vestfjords in Iceland).

Day 1: Hlöðuvík (Búðir) to Atlaskarð (view to Hornvík) and back,
Day 2: Hlöðuvík to Hesteyri,
Day 3: Hesteyri to Stakkadalur í Aðalvík,
Day 4: Stakkadalur to Látravík then to Skorar (NATO base) in Straumnesfjall, then down to Rekavik and back to Stakkadalur.

We also went to the Whale station in Hesteyri (that is 4 km trip in total).

Day 1: 11 km
Day 2: 16,6 km
Day 3: 8,5 km
Day 4: 25,6 km
Day 1+2+3+4: 61,4 km

Extra trip: Whale station 4 km (Hesteyri)
Extra trip: Fishing in Stakkadalur ca. 5 km

Total 70,4 km

More pictures from this trip are here:


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  • Foto de Gulla

    Gulla 03-ago-2011

    Skemmtileg leið, fór þarna um í fyrra með góðum hóp sem brúaði Hlöðuvíkurósinn og er forvitin um hvort brúin standi enn - getur þú sagt mér það?

  • Foto de GBE

    GBE 05-ago-2011

    Hlöðuvíkurósin, þá meinar þú Kjaransána er það ekki? Hún var brúuð (með trumbum) um miðjan júlímánuð í fyrra og var enn nú í lok júlí 2011.

  • Foto de humall

    humall 06-ago-2011

    Bæði Hlöðuvíkurós sem og Kjaransáin eru brúið með rekadrumbum sem standa þegar þetta er skrifað (júlí 2011).

  • Foto de Ricardo lapad

    Ricardo lapad 28-ene-2014

    Excelente fotossss

  • Foto de humall

    humall 12-ago-2015

    Deserted "NATO base" from cold war time on Straumnesfjall. https://is.wikiloc.com/fjallaferd-slodir/hornstandir-iceland-juli-2011-1904609/photo-689642

  • Foto de humall

    humall 12-ago-2015

    Thanks. https://is.wikiloc.com/fjallaferd-slodir/hornstandir-iceland-juli-2011-1904609/photo-689640

  • Foto de Tom Bunzel

    Tom Bunzel 12-may-2016

    Hello, I am visiting Iceland in july and am thinking about doing this route.
    I was wondering how you got to the starting point and how you got back from the end of this trip.
    Did you have a car? Is it possible to get there in public transport or hitch-hiking?

    Thanks in advance

  • Foto de Gulla

    Gulla 12-may-2016

    You have to take a boat to both ends of this trip. there are no roads and this is extreamly rural aria and no service, you are on your own - fantastic aria.
    Go to vesturferdir.is to book the boat trip.

  • Foto de Tom Bunzel

    Tom Bunzel 12-may-2016

    Thank you very much!

  • Foto de humall

    humall 13-may-2016

    You can take a boat from Ísafjörður, see: http://www.westtours.is/

    There is little infrastructure in this area, you are on your own. Cheers. Broddi.

  • Foto de humall

    humall 13-may-2016

    If you want to look at better maps of this area check out this site (see link below), its runned by "National Land Survey of Iceland"


    on the right corner is "Kortaval", which means different kind of maps, check out "Atlaskort" they are old but informative.

    if you switch to English, the page will ask for username password so stay with the icelandic version.

  • Foto de Tom Bunzel

    Tom Bunzel 13-may-2016

    Thank you very very much this is extremely helpful!

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