Tiempo  6 horas 39 minutos

Coordenadas 1994

Fecha de subida 6 de febrero de 2010

Fecha de realización enero 2010

797 m
48 m
13,14 km

Vista 5394 veces, descargada 70 veces

cerca de Leirá, Vesturland (Ísland)

Hiking around 6,5 hours from the parking though Hafnardal behind Hafnarfjall to Hróarstindar 792m. -14°at the top in little wind but clear sky. Had to fix the track at the top (out of battery, but should be useble)

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Far back you can see Gildalshnúkur 844. It´t tight egde like kniveblade
Giljatuna 660 m really greate cliff tom climb on. With thick "MOSI" on the top and nice place to rest. Behind it you can see Snæfellsjökull 1.418m(snaefellsglacier)98 km away but you can see him clear in the clear air.
On top of Hróarstindar


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