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cerca de Platánia, Crete (Greece)

Idi Mt ( Pseiloritis ), Lakkos Mygerou- 5 Highest Peaks ( Stalistra 2336m - Timios Stavros 2456m - Agathias 2424m - Vulumenu 2267m - Kusakas 2209m ).

Route to the 5 highest peaks of Ida Mt. The mountain comprises 5 peaks that are over 2000m ( as opposed to 58 ( ! ) of Lefka Ori ( White Mountains ) ) :
Timios Stavros 2456m
Agathias 2424m
Stalistra 2336m
Vulumenu 2267m
Kusakas 2209m

( Για κείμενο στα Ελληνικά συνεχίσατε προς τα κάτω. Τυχόν περίεργες λέξεις ή φράσεις χωρίς νόημα, οφείλονται στην αυτόματη μετάφραση απο τα Αγγλικά στα Ελληνικά ).

Ida mountain ( mostly known as Pseiloritis ( Ψηλορείτης ) in Crete ), is the highest in Crete Island and 9th highest in Greece. The view from the highest peaks is spectacular, offering view to the Aegean Sea at the North and the South Cretan Sea at the same time. Vegetation above 1400m comprises only off Phrygana ( Garigue ), typical low and harsh Mediterranean vegetation. The mountain is famous for it's extended snow patches, even at mid Summer. The snow patches sustain alpine meadows with alpine fauna - something remarkable for such a low latitude.

E4 main route crosses Ida Mt from North to South at it's East Base, through Nida Plateau. However an E4 deviating branch crosses the Mountain from East to West, Nida Plateau - Timios Stavros - Fourfoura Village.

There are many trail starting points for reaching the highest peak of Ida. Nida Plateau and Lakkos Mygerou starting points being the most common.

This particular route's starting point is Lakkos Mygerou, a plateau at 1570m elevation. A winding tarmac road starting off at Livadia village concludes at this point. There is a parking lot and a couple of small buildings at the spot, meant to hold cultural events. The main building serves also a small shelter ( do not count on it for accomodation though ). Unfortunately the small compound is neglected. The route as mentioned above, reaches all five highest peaks. However, if followed partially, it is the shortest hike to the highest peak, Timios Stavros : Lakkos Mygerou-Strata Psiloriti Trail-E4-Timios Stavros-Lakkos Mygerou. 9.35 km / + 945m.

This particular route reaching all five highest peaks, presents no technical difficulties but could be categorized as a difficult hike. Reason being that it moves partially off trail.

There is no fountain at any point on the route, make sure you carry all the water you will be needing.

The route could be summarized to the following sections:

01. Lakkos Mygerou 1570m-Stalistra 2336m. This is the most challenging and maybe the most interesting part of the route, since it's covering most of the route's altitude gain and also it's most difficult off trail section. No markings. Hard ascent on it's final part on sometimes loose ground and medium gradient. The view at the peak pays off.

02. Stalistra 2336m-Timios Stavros 2456m. Easy section. Small altitude gain, livestock faint trail on easy terain. No marking. Nice view.

03. Timios Stavros 2456m - Agathias 2424m - E4 Intersection ( E4 - Strata Pseiloriti Trail ). Easy section. Yellow/White or Red Spray Markings. Broad clear trail. From Timios Stavros summit we follow the E4 trail Eastwards and deviate a little on faint trail to Agathias Peak.

04. E4 Intersection - Voulumenu 2267m - Traverse - Col - Kusakas 2209m - Col. Medium difficulty part. No markings. It mainly moves on easy terrain on faint livestock trails with little altitude gain. The traverse part however moves on very faint livestock trails at medium difficulty terrain.

04. Col - E4 Trail - Mitato - E4 Intersection. Easy part on E4 trail. Small altitude gain. Cairns and later Yellow/White Markings. Clear trail.

05. E4 Intersection - Strata Pseiloriti Trail - Lakkos Mygerou. Easy part. No altitude gain. Beautiful trail, mostly paved. Occasional white sign posts. A great way to descent back to the starting point.

More information could be obtained through the text at the waypoints.

Total Distance 14.7 km.
Altitude Gain + 1340m.

A few remarks:

- There are many flocks on the mountain. Contrarily to the Greek Mountains at the mainland, the flocks are not guarded by shepherd dogs.
- Timios Stavros ( Holly Cross ) is named after the Chapel standing at the Peak. Constructed on dry stone technique, it comprises three dome chambers. An annual christian liturgy is held every September.
- Mitato is a traditional shepherd dwelling at Crete. It is constructed on dry stone technique. It could be small, serving as shelter protecting from sun or rain, but it could also be bigger, serving as a cheese-making workshop.

If you are up to the Crete's four highest mountains challenge, links to gps tracks can be found here:

1. Idi Mt 2456m
2. Lefka Ori 2453m
3. Dikti 2148m
4. Volakias 2116m
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'Ιδη ( Ψηλορείτης ), Λάκκος Μυγερού-5 υψηλότερες κορυφές.
Πιο συγκεκριμένα η ακολουθία της διαδρομής : Λάκκος Μυγερού 1570μ - Σταλίστρα 2336μ - Τίμιος Σταυρός 2454μ - Αγκαθιάς 2424μ- Βουλομένου 2267μ - Κούσακας 2211μ - Στράτα Ψηλορείτη - Λάκκος Μυγερού.

Αξιοσημείωτο όσον αφορά την Ίδη οι εκτεταμένες χιονούρες μέχρι τα μέσα Καλοκαιριού - ακόμα και στις Νότιου προσανατολισμού πλαγιές. Οι χιονούρες συντηρούν την εποχιακή βλάστηση ( αλπικά λουλούδια ) σε αλπικά οροπέδια, γεγονός εντυπωσιακό για τόσο Νότιο γεωγραφικό πλάτος. Τέλος η απίθανη θέα σε Αιγαίο και Λιβυκό Πέλαγος συγχρόνως από τις υψηλές κορυφές.

Σημείο εκκίνησης το οροπέδιο Λάκκος Μυγερού ( 1570μ ) όπου καταλήγει ασφαλτόδρομος που ξεκινά από το χωριό Λιβάδια. Στο σημείο εντοπίζεται χώρος στάθμευσης όπως και κτίρια που αναφέρονται ως καταφύγιο, αλλά περισσότερο εξυπηρετούν ετήσιο παραδοσιακό εορτασμό.

Το σημείο προσφέρει την πιο σύντομη ανάβαση στην υψηλότερη κορυφή Τίμιος Σταυρός. Στράτα Ψηλορείτη ( ένα εντυπωσιακό, σχεδόν εξ'ολοκλήρου πλακόστρωτο μονοπάτι ) - Ε4 - Τίμιος Σταυρός 2456μ. Η παραπάνω διαδρομή εμπεριέχεται στην παρούσα καταγραφή.

Η συγκεκριμένη καταγραφή όπως προαναφέρεται αφορά ανάβαση στις πέντε υψηλότερες κορυφές. Οι συνδυασμοί επιλογής πορείας για την προσέγγιση των κορυφών είναι αρκετοί. Σκεπτικό της παρούσας ήταν η κατα το δυνατόν κυκλική πορεία όπως και η διάνυση τμήματος του Μονοπατιού Ε4, αλλά και της εντυπωσιακής Στράτας Ψηλορείτη.

Τεχνικές δυσκολίες δεν υφίστανται αλλά θα πρέπει να επισημανθεί πως τμήμα του αρχικού τμήματος της διαδρομής ( Λάκκος Μυγερού - Σταλίστρα ), εμπεριέχει ανάβαση σε πεδίο με μέτρια κλίση ( κόντρα ), σε ενίοτε σαθρό πεδίο ( σάρα ), χωρίς εμφανές μονοπάτι. Κατά τα άλλα η διαδρομή ενίοτε κινείται σε σαφέστατα μονοπάτια με σήμανση, αλλά επίσης και σε τμήματα με ασαφή κτηνοτροφικά μονοπάτια - εύλογα δίχως σήμανση.

Η διαδρομή δεν συναντά πηγή.

Συνολική απόσταση: 14.7 χλμ
Θετική Υψομετρική: + 1340μ

Γιώργος Κορδιάς
Παύλος Γιαννάκης
Γρηγόρης Τζομάκας

Agathias 2424m

Agathias, second highest peak of Ida Mt. Broken topographic pillar. At 35.22003N, 24.78323E

Broad West Ridge Timios Stavros

Continue parallel or on the broad West Ridge of Timios Stavros, all the way to the summit.

Cairn Marked Trail

Easy ascent on faint trail. Cairns point to the general direction ( West ). This is part of the E4 but no markings were observed.

Col Stalistra-Timios Stavros

Lowest point between the two peaks. We continue S-SE on the broad ridge. Easy terrain. At 35.23342N, 24.76223E

Col Vulomenu- Kusaka

Col at 2100m elevation between peaks Vulomenu and Kusakas. We head NE on free ascent on easy to medium ground for Kusakas peak. At 35.21824N, 24.80477E

Deviation to Agathias

Faint trail and free ascent on easy terrain, to Agathias Peak. Faint Red signs. At 35.22349N, 24.78136E

Deviation to West Ridge of Vulomenu

Deviation from E4 towards the East Ridge of Vulomenu Peak. Off trail, easy terrain. At 35.22336N, 24.78979E

Dry Creek

At 1790m elevation or lower, we reach a dry creek bed. We continue the ascent on it's bed, on faint livestock trails. At 35.23674N, 24.77287E

E4 Intersection / Plateau

E4 trail Markings at the plateau West of Vulomenu Peak. Intersection with the Route that starts from Kamares Village. We follow the trail Westwards all the way to the intersection with Strata Psiloriti Trail.

E4 Intersection East Base of Timios Stavros

We pick signs and follow the clear E4 Trail with West barring ( Towards Nida Plateau ). The branch descending South gets to Tubotos Prinos Hut and Fourfouras Village. The E4 crosses Ida and links Ida Plateau with Fourfouras village.

Hard Scree Ascent

We head West on difficult free hard ascent. Loose slope, some faint livestock trails.

Intersection E4- Strata Pseiloriti

Signed Intersection on E4 trail to the Strata Pseiloriti Trail. Some 40m to the East is a second intersection towards Strata again. Continue West on E4. At 35.22352N, 24.78712E

Clear Trail Slight Descent

Slight descent. Gentle slope, clear trail, cairns point the way to the plateau bellow. Part of E4, no markings. At 35.22126N, 24.79409E

Kusakas 2209m

Kusakas 2209m peak. Broad ground. At 35.21751N, 24.80965E

Lakkos Mygerou

Small plateau at 1570m. Tarmac road from Livadia Village ends here. Parking. Buildings meant for cultural events. The bigger one serves as a shelter.

Livestock Faint Trail

We head SouthWest on faint deviating livestock trails. Ascent on easy slope but with low harsh vegetation. We follow the trail corridors.

Mild Ridge

At 2250m elevation we reach the SE ridge of Stalistra Peak. We now follow the gentle ridge all the way to the peak. Easy terrain, low incline. At 35.23347N, 24.76474E


Mitato, traditional Cretan shepherd dwelling. We continue W-NW on a slight descent. Gentle slope, clear trail, cairns point the way to the plateau bellow. Part of E4, no markings. At 35.22019N, 24.79755E

LIvestock Pond

Livestock pond at the base of a doline. At 35.22066N, 24.79756E

Seasonal Alpine Meadow

Seasonal alpine meadow at 2230m elevation. Watered by the slow melting snow patch alpine flowers flourish.

Seasonal Snow Patch

A quite big seasonal patch of snow East of Stalistra Peak. The livestock animals prefer to spent the warm hours of the days on it.

Stalistra 2336m

Stalistra Peak, 3rd highest of Ida Mt. Collapsed topographic pillar. View towards the Aegean and Libyan Sea at the same time. We continue S-SE on the broad ridge to Timios Stavros Peak. At 35.23425N, 24.76172E

Strata Pseiloriti Trail Starting Point

Sign posts mark the starting point of the paved Strata Pseiloriti Trail. Well made, it ascends from Lakkos Mygerou Plateau all the way to 2260m elevation at the E4 Trail. At 35.24131N, 24.77834E

Strata Pseiloriti End

The well made and partially paved Strata Trail concludes at 2260m elevation on the E4 trail.

Timios Stavros 2456m

Timios Stavros named after the chapel, the highest peak in Ida Mt and highest point in Crete. The chapel is made on dry stone technique.


Traversing route on medium terrain, with little or no trails that leads directly to the col Vulomenu-Kusakas. Easiest way would be to follow the route on the Ridge-slope further South.

Vulumenu 2267m

Vulumenu 2267m. Broad peak. At 35.22242N, 24.79772E

West Ridge of Vulomenu

Easy broad ridge. We head East on faint livestock trails.

West Slope Kusakas

Easy to medium ground, faint or no trails. Medium gradient. We head SE at the final part while the gradient of the slope decreases towards the peak.

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