15,37 km

Desnivel positivo

1.021 m

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Desnivel negativo

1.166 m

Altitud máxima

778 m



Altitud mínima

190 m

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  • Foto de Kulla Pal Binoshi (LOTAJ) to SHALA BEACH
  • Foto de Kulla Pal Binoshi (LOTAJ) to SHALA BEACH
  • Foto de Kulla Pal Binoshi (LOTAJ) to SHALA BEACH
  • Foto de Kulla Pal Binoshi (LOTAJ) to SHALA BEACH
  • Foto de Kulla Pal Binoshi (LOTAJ) to SHALA BEACH


6 horas 8 minutos



Fecha de subida

8 de septiembre de 2021

Fecha de realización

septiembre 2021
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778 m
190 m
15,37 km

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cerca de Lotaj, Shkodër (Albania)

This is a perfect segment to complete a round trip starting in Valbona.
We had left the car in Valbona, hiked to Theth on Day 1, from Theth to Lotaj on Day 2 and then from Kulla Binoshi in Lotaj to the Shala Beach on Day 3 (that's the track). The rest of the return to Valbona was done via boats ifrom Shala to Koman and then the Ferry from Koman to Fierze.

The trail is all marked pretty well by some local people. The part from Lotaj to Ndrejaj and Pepsumaj is practically following the unpaved road to Shkodra, stunning views of the Shala valley till the Theth mountains. it can be done with a 4x4.

The part from Ndrejaj to Shala crosses a couple of hills called Kunji. Here is where I would advise hikers to be careful and patient as the track goes up and down the hill, which have very dense forests and the path is often invisible.
Sometimes you have to "fight" against the vegetation and intuitively and patiently find the path.
The terrain is very steep.
A local guide that you can request at Kulla Binoshi, depending on your apetite for adventure :-), could be of help. in the track you will see a couple of areas where we had to go in circles in steep terrain to find the path.

Also, there are a few passes which are a little exposed and sometimes even taken by the vegetation, so be prepared and people with vertigo should be aware...(my wife does have vertigo and could cross it though)
Finally the big prize is when you get to the Stupe river 500m upstream from where it joins Shala and you see the hotels. Be aware that to cross the river, depending on the water level you may have to take off your clothes and carry the bags over the top of your head. In September it was very amusing, in spring I would expect is dangerous!

My Garmin watch measured 20km and same elevation (not sure why here it says 15km)


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