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Tiempo en movimiento  una hora 23 minutos

Tiempo  2 horas 39 minutos

Coordenadas 1471

Fecha de subida 16 de mayo de 2018

Fecha de realización mayo 2018

229 m
9 m
8,57 km

Vista 144 veces, descargada 16 veces

cerca de Avatiu (Cook Islands)

Rarotonga Island Crossing / Needle / Waterfall

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    twott1 27-may-2018

    Did this island crossing in 2011. It’s hard work going up and the trail isn’t always marked so you could easily get into dangerous places with steep drop offs, especially heading down. A good guide is really recommended.
    Once at the top of the hike (tramp is the term in the South Pacific), you get a pretty spectacular view of Rarotonga. Take your rest here, feed the local Rooster lol and rehydrate before your long hike down towards the water works then the beach. Nothing quite as rewarding as completing the trek then swimming in the wonderful reef protected lagoon thereafter. Enjoy!

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