1.712 m
888 m
30,56 km

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cerca de Dílar, Andalucía (España)

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  • Capitan Jabato 22-abr-2013

    Dificultad Alta, debido a los desniveles que tiene la ruta, con muchos sube y baja, y como no debido a la distancia.
    Ha esto hay que añadirle que tenemos que vadear el río Dúrcal.

  • DrNik 09-ene-2019

    Yes there are a lot of "ups and downs". The major ones about 800 m and 500 m. It's all on serpentine roads though so it's easy to find a rythm and just slowly slog up the hills.

    Important point above about the fording. It's a very short ford but your footwear will get soaked. If you're not using quick drying footwear you should think about bringing sandals or similar for the ford.

    Not a technichally difficult ford as it is on a concrete bottom that terrain vechicles can use. (Might be worse at maximum water levels in the spring but in January 2019 easy).

Si quieres, puedes o esta ruta