Tiempo  4 horas 17 minutos

Coordenadas 1163

Fecha de subida 5 de enero de 2018

Fecha de realización enero 2018

676 m
399 m
10,43 km

Vista 273 veces, descargada 11 veces

cerca de Saint-Lizier, Occitanie (France)

This is a very beautiful walk which will give you extroadinary wide views all around, far into the high Pyrenees to the south and the plains to the north.

We started this walk on the big parking place for visitors of this beautiful old city. It will be certainly worth your while to take some extra time to walk around through the citadel with its history stretching back to pre Gallo-Roman times.

For a great part we followed the yellow marked track to the summit of Mont Calibert. We followed roads where possible as most of the tracks were extremely muddy.

The climb to the top goes through open fields with juniper bushes and can be very slippery in wet conditions.

From the top you will have an all around view and there are two information panels that show you all the summits and villages that can be seen.

The descent is through the woods and is even muddier and more slippery after a long period of wet weather. Once reaching the road again you will stay mostly on small roads except for the part going up to Montjoie de Coouserans.





All around view


View to the top


Sommet de Mont Calibert


View high Pyrenees

And picknick tables


    Si quieres, puedes o esta ruta