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Coordenadas 1477

Fecha de subida 16 de noviembre de 2020

Fecha de realización octubre 2020

281 m
209 m
10,33 km

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cerca de Haarenheidchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

Hike through the scenic Wurm valley near Aachen with an excursion to Berensberg with castle and view. The hike is moderate with some steep ascent and descent but mostly easy-going paths and unpaved roads. There was some storm damage in the forest. You can find something to eat and drink at the Teuterhof. Limited parking is available at the start. Alternatively, you could start for example at the Teuterhof or Berensberg.
From the parking at Kaisersruh you walk past some ponds, and then take a path which crosses the Meisbach at a ford. You then follow smaller paths winding up the forested sides of the Kahlenberg. A bit further you go down again, to the Wurm valley near Wolfsfurth, only to almost directly go up again on the Kahlenberg. Now you continue onto the pasture on top of the hill towards the sport center. From here you take a path that follows the Wurm valley at some height, affording nice views of the valley and nearby Scherberg. After a while you take a path down to the valley at Adamsmühle. Down you take a path through a nice beech forest on a slope. If you are back down near the Adamsmühle, you follow this field road to the Teuterhof on the Schweilbacher Strasse, near a riding school. Here you cross the Wurm, and turn back on the other side, directly taking a path up the forested slope of the hill. In this section, quite some trees had recently fallen (storm damage?), affording some views, but also deserving some caution. After a while you descend again to the forest road on the valley floor and you follow this path on the edge of the forest and the pasture surrounding the Wurm. Past Adamsmühle on the other side, you turn right and uphill through the Wiedbusch forest, also with views due to logging and/or storm damage. When you reach the edge of the forest on the plateau, you follow the field road to the edge of Rumpen village. You cross the village, take the field road Luhrweg, and then the field road Aachener Pfad with cobblestones towards Berensberg castle. You walk around Berensberg castle and the St. Matthias church, cross the road and walk through pasture to a viewpoint on the edge of Berensberg in a recreation park. This viewpoint offers a wide view towards Aachen, with the Lousberg, the tripoint in the distance. You return back to Berensberg and then follow a path down to the Wurm through the Paulinenwäldchen. Back in the Wurm valley, you continue to the bridge near Wolfsfurth and the continue on the Kütgensallee back to the starting point.

Aachener Pfad

Cobblestoned field road towards Berensberg


Adamsmühle is the name of the mill, but also of the road in the bottom of the valley

Aussichtsterrasse Berensberg

Aussichtsterrasse Berensberg. The view is good here, but better if you walk on a bit to the waypoint marked 'Viewpoint Berensberg'

Beech forest path

Nice beech forest with smaller beeches on a slope with little undergrowth.

Climb in Wiedbusch

Climb through the Wiedbusch forest, with some logging/storm damage on the way.

Field road along forest

An unpaved field road takes you along the plateau and the forest towards Rumpen

Kahlenberg climb

Climb of Kahlenberg. You continue to climb out of the forest and onto the pasture on top of the hill.


Paved road (not for cars) taking you back to the start


Paved road ('hollow road')

Meisbach ford

Here you cross the stream. There is no bridge, but not much water either.

Path along Wurm valley

Elevated path along the Wurm valley with good views

Path down Paulinenwäldchen

Path down Paulinenwäldchen to the Wurm valley

Path down towards Adamsmühle


Path in Wurm valley

Path in the Wurm valley on the edge of forest and pasture surrounding the meandering Wurm

Path on forested slope

Path on a forested slope with some sections where trees had recently fallen (storm damage?)

Path on pasture

Path on pasture between Berensberg castle and the viewpoint

Path to Wolfsfurth

Path to Wolfsfurth


Ponds near the start (used for fishing)

Schloss Berensberg

Schloss Berensberg (castle farm)
Sitio religioso

St. Mathias

St. Mathias church in Berensberg


Teuterhof restaurant, Bavarian style (http://huettn.teuterhof.de/)

Viewpoint Berensberg

Viewpoint Berensberg with a good view towards Aachen, Lousberg and the tripoint

Wurm bridge


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