• Foto de Track 153
  • Foto de Track 153

Tiempo  una hora 25 minutos

Coordenadas 194

Fecha de subida 12 de septiembre de 2016

Fecha de realización julio 2016

317 m
129 m
3,65 km

Vista 682 veces, descargada 30 veces

cerca de Kotli, Istarska (Hrvatska)

Lovely Waterfall with picturesque old watermill located were both trails meet.
One is a steep, narrow tarmac road ( just new the time I drove it ) the other is the track were my street navigation system send me to as way to the next beach!!! (-:

The waypoint mark some bolders on the Street were I decide to turn around an go for a third street were all the Caravan and Saloon Cars comming.
It is possible to drive this trail with a 4x4. A bigger one with some Busch cutting. With a Quad or smaller 4x4 and skills, vehicle damage or road construction work.

A forth trail is possible from Kotli in South East direction, but it guide not to the beach I desire. ;-)

Have fun!

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  • Foto de Josh92

    Josh92 19-ene-2019

    Why is it very difficult?

  • 90er 23-ene-2019

    Hi Josh92,
    cause I have to cut km through the bushes and the bolders been to rough for my standart LR.
    If you walk,
    it is an easy track. :-)

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