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cerca de Cashmere Hills, Canterbury (New Zealand)

Head up Worsleys Rd from Cashmere Rd till you run out of tarseal. The top is at the carpark on to of Marleys Hill, where the Flying Nun track starts.

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  • Foto de mitchelljudeparry

    mitchelljudeparry 19-ago-2018

    I started at the bottom of the hill going up.
    Frist rough gravel road then you have to climb over a digger dug trench to climb up the track.Its very very muddy to start with with deep ruts you get your wheels stuck in.
    You need mud tyres diff locks and lots of ground clearance.
    I winched one 4x4 up.
    Its like that for 500meters then the last bit is very easy.

  • C79 16-oct-2018

    Have been up Worsleys twice in the last few weeks... relatively basic drive now. Only challenging bit is driving across a ditch where the forestry road swings around to the left and the track goes straight ahead. If you pick your line its pretty easy. Incredibly hard with any moisture though! Mostly a gravel road now, however the old track is accessible in places which is great for if you more of a challenge. Both times through, I've driven it with road tyres. Just pick good lines!

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