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cerca de Mõigu, Harjumaa (Estoniadu)

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TOUR DE ESTONIA:  900 km en 10 etapas:
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Ruta que fa la volta a Estonia amb inici i final a Tallin. Visitem les illes de Hiiumaa/Saaremaa i els parcs nacionals de Soomaa (grans boscos) i Lahemaa (costa nord). Seguim trams de la Ruta Nacional per bicis núm 1, 5 i 4.

Ruta que da la vuelta a Estonia con inicio y final en Tallin. Visitamos las islas de Hiiumaa/Saaremaa y los parques nacionales de Soomaa (grandes bosques) y Lahemaa (costa norte). Seguimos tramos de la Ruta Nacional para bicis núm 1,5 y 4.

This is the Tour to Estonia starting and ending in Tallinn. We visit the islands of Saaremaa/Hiiumaa and national parks Soomaa and Lahemaa. We follow part of National Bike Routes num 1, 5 and 4.

In 10 days you will do the complete round tour to the beautiful baltic country of Estonia. 900 km through bike paths, non paved roads, quiet secondary roads and few main roads, but with not many traffic. The profile is flat, but a bit windy sometimes. There live few people in the country and cities are small. So impressive lots of nature with almost no villages.

The trip has various diferenciated parts:

The first part, from Tallin to Haapsalu, goes along the north coast of the country, with steep cliffs. Crossing Tallin is not so difficult for the traffic. Then we circulate in secondary roads with few cars and some bike lines. The second stage we took an old train track, converted in bike path, very flat and straight.

The second part are the islands. We have to take ferries from island to island and the landscape is very beautiful. We take the main roads, that have not many traffic. The coast is flat and instead of sand beaches you find wetlands with many vegetation of sweet water. We only cross a little of Hiiumaaa. Then Saaremaa, where we ride two stages. And Muhu, the smallest and less inhabited.

On the third part, after visiting Parnu, a beautiful coast city, we cross entirely the Soomaa National Park, with neverending nonpaved roads between very huge and tall trees. Interesting to visit de bogs, marshes with wooden elevated paths to take a pacefully stroll. Many birdwatching towers.

We enter now the fourth part, to connect Tartu. Almost in main roads, but not difficult to ride because of the traffic. We cross Tartu and head north to Rakvere, using the train 80 kilometers to avoid a 11th stage.

Finally we enter in the fifth and last part of the journey, crossing to the Lahemaa National Park. It's in  the north coast, heading Tallin. You cross  impressive woods of tall trees, rivers full of beavers and the caracteristic coast with big rocks in the water. Perhaps this rocks come from the old glaciers from the Artic.

Interesting to visit the Manors you find in every places, like little castles of rich properties.

We finally arrive at Tallin, a small but beautiful city, with an interesting old city, its ramparts and nice squares.

The better is a trekking bike, because most of the way are asphalted roads but sometimes are non paved. For the Soomaa National Park, better a bit of suspension.

Best time is late spring and summer, because of the lenght of the day, thing that let be the stages more relaxed.

Plane to Tallin is the better option. Combinations with Norway are also possible.

We stayed at little hotels with can be reserved by booking.com. I don't know about campings, but you can also stay in little hostels.

The route is very flat, with almost no dificulties and few cars in the roads. The Saaremaa is difficult because of the long nonpaved roads with almost no services or villages. The wind can also be strong in some stages. The ferry Hiumaa-Saarema has little frequency. From inland to Saaremaa there are mor ferries. Trains are not very frequent, but you can carry bikes.

Estonian Travel Guide for cyclists, by Regio.
http://www.balticcycle.eu/shop/en/?language=en to by the maps.

Life cost is not so high compared to most european standards, but higher than the neigbours Letonia and Lithuania. They have euro, that is rising prices. You don't need Visa from Europa.

You can click on every stage to get into the stage website:
STAGE 01-Tallin-Paldiski 62,8 km From the Airport, cross Tallin and to Paldiski.
STAGE 02-Paldiski-Haapsalu 90,3 km The train track stage to Haapsalu.
STAGE 03-Haapsalu-Kuressaare 110,4 km  The first stage on the islands. 2 ferrys in a day.
STAGE 04-Kuressaare-Muhu 92,8 km;Interesting lonely road through the islands.
STAGE 05-Muhu-Parnu 85,3 km Down and down to Parnu with the main road.
STAGE 06-Parnu-Viljandi 99,3 km The crossing of Soomaa and his bogs trails.
STAGE 07-Viljandi-Tartu 88,7 km Stage conecting to Tartu with the main road.
STAGE 08-Tartu-Rakvere 97,0 km Interesting stage with som spots to visit and train.
STAGE 09-Rakvere-Loksa 91,2 km Incredible stage crossing Laaremaa National Park.
STAGE 10-Loksa-Tallin 82,6 km The rest of the park and entering Tallin.

You can contact vicens.borrell@gmail.com for further information.

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Have a nice trip!

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12 comentarios

  • danielvalverdeb 21-ago-2012

    Ruta molt interessant.

    El track és perfecte.

    S'ha de tenir cura amb l'horari dels ferrys, a vegades potser s'ha de correr per poder arribar-hi a temps. Sobre tot per agafar el ferry de Parna (atravesar l'illa de Hiummaa)

    Ull als mosquits!!!!

    Ha realizado esta ruta ver detalle

  • eserrasalvi 31-ago-2012

    Vaig fer la ruta amb ell i va anar molt bé. El parc nacional de Laarema té uns paisatges vastos i amb rectes interminables en la carretera sense asfaltar que l'atravessa. Precioses les illes, amb carreteres amb poc trànsit.

    Ha realizado esta ruta ver detalle

  • hikingoldman 26-feb-2013

    wow !!!!!

  • Foto de liliwhale®

    liliwhale® 24-mar-2013

    Excellente !!!

  • Foto de 光の啟示

    光の啟示 20-ago-2013


  • Ton64 04-sep-2013

    una ruta muy interesante

  • sagoabxavi 02-feb-2014

    Una ruta xulíssima. Ens va encantar. Els tracks són perfectes; sense cap errada. Va ser la nostra primera experiència cicloturística i ha set l'inici de la nostra afició al tema. Cada any en farem una!!!
    Gràcies per compartirla.

    Nice route. The tracks are with no mistakes. Every thing perfect. It was our firs touring-bike tour and we will do many more routes.
    Thank you for sharing it

  • Foto de Lo Piolet

    Lo Piolet 26-feb-2014

    Estem preparant una ruta en bici per Estonia o Letonia.
    Per Estonia farem part de la vostre ruta o similar fins a Parnu i desprès tirarem avall cap a Riga.
    Guardeu encara els allotjaments on bau fer nit ¿?
    Ens seria útil per acabar de decidir els allotjaments, albergs i/o B&B
    Gràcies I salutacions

  • Foto de rafabenjumea

    rafabenjumea 20-may-2016

    Hola, genial ruta! estamos pensando en hacerla el próximo Julio, ¿llevásteis la bici en el avión o alquilasteis allí?

  • Foto de Vicens Borrell Boada

    Vicens Borrell Boada 22-may-2016

    Las bicis las llevamos con el avion. A la ida, dentro de una caja de carton de bicicleta nueva (te las pueden dar en una tienda de bicis). A la vuelta, plegada totalmente y envuelta en una funda de nylon fina que no ocupa nada.
    Espero que os ayude.

  • Foto de rafabenjumea

    rafabenjumea 22-may-2016

    Gracias Vicens, una más si no es molestia ¿se puede acampar en Estonia sin problemas o es obligatorio usar las zonas reservadas para ello? Saludos!

  • Foto de Vicens Borrell Boada

    Vicens Borrell Boada 23-may-2016

    Lo siento pero lo desconozco. Siempre vamos de pensiones, albergues o hoteles. No recuerdo campings. Deberías mirarlo.

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