• Foto de Ulriken - Floyen
  • Foto de Ulriken - Floyen
  • Foto de Ulriken - Floyen

Dificultad técnica   Moderado

Tiempo  4 horas 18 minutos

Coordenadas 1683

Fecha de subida 7 de abril de 2013

Fecha de realización febrero 2013

662 m
302 m
14,69 km

Vista 2571 veces, descargada 127 veces

cerca de Kronstad, Hordaland (Norge)

Quite literally a walk in the park...of the city of Bergen. But, even without the added bonus of finishing down-town with a latte or a brew, this hike is spectaculair in its own right.The Ulriken cable-car that takes you towards the start offers impressive views over sprawling Bergen and the ocean beyond. Once on the Vidden plateau, there's almost no height to be gained. The first half of the walk takes you over flat tundra with snowy mountains in the background. halfway, there's a short, but steep, descent towards the Svartediket lake. Then it's uphill again towards the TV tower at Rundemanen and Floyen beyond. By now, the landscape is dotted by old pine trees with an undergrowth of blueberry bushes. If you still have some stamina left in your body near Floyen, you can walk down into historic Bryggen by yourself. However, taking the funicular is probably a much more inviting option by now...


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