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  • Foto de 10k - Valldoreix/ La Rierada
  • Foto de 10k - Valldoreix/ La Rierada

Dificultad técnica   Difícil

Tiempo  una hora 9 minutos

Coordenadas 4027

Fecha de subida 12 de mayo de 2010

Fecha de realización mayo 2010

304 m
149 m
11,78 km

Vista 3647 veces, descargada 13 veces

cerca de Vallvidrera, Catalunya (España)

Great loop mixing very fun trails, dirt roads, and some occasional stretches of paved roads.

The departure point is a broad dirt road on the left bank, on the opposite side of C/ Sant Juan de la Creu 22. The path goes straight and then downwards right. After passing 2 fallen trees, look out for a small trail starting on the right, when the main road becomes impracticable due to fallen trees (written on May 12 2010, the effects of the snow storm are still visible everywhere).

Once at the bottom of the hill, cross the stream after the school of la Floresta and follow the left bank of this gully. After about 100m,(UPDATED) look out of a cinder block marking a trail leaving the main path on the left.
Follow this trail upwards in the woods for about 1km. I've cleaned this stretch myself but left in place the many tree trunks that had fallen during the storm. They make great obstacles for training but can be dodged easily - please don't remove them (See photo)

This trail ends at the top of the ridge, at C/ Verge de Montserrat. The GR 96 starts directly across the street. Follow the GR (dirt road) for 1/2 km, until a "Y" with the GR going downwards on the left hand. A very nice trail starts straight between the Y. It follows the ridge, first on flat terrain and then down.

Once at the bottom, turn right on a well kept trail and keep going along the river until arriving at a crossing, with a bridge on the left side. Keep the same direction forward, through a small urbanization, and then back to the paved road. Continue this same direction on the paved road, which runs downwards to la Rierada. This Km 5, the halfway point.

Once there, lookout for a right hand sign for the GR 96 which leads upwards through the woods on a dirt road. Keep on this road for about 3km on a steep uphill.

At a 4 way crossing, keep on GR 96 up and left until the next crossroad. Look for a trail marked white and yellow going up the ridge on the right. Follow this direction until you arrive at a big brick house and take the steep path downwards left in front of it. Follow this same direction until exiting the woods, in front of a big farm.

Take the path right in front of the farm which soon leads to the Colonia de Montserrat paved road. Cross this road and continue on a dirt path going upwards on the left. This leads to a sheep farm, and the path around the stables and back down on the left, leading to the tennis club of Valldoreix. After passing the club's entrance, exit the road right on a small trail running along the stream. This leads back to the school of La Floresta, and the completion of the loop.

Apologies for the very long description, I hope to be able to replace this with photos very soon. Have a great run!

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