Tiempo  6 horas 5 minutos

Coordenadas 1257

Fecha de subida 22 de abril de 2018

Fecha de realización abril 2018

1.002 m
542 m
11,88 km

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cerca de Bnahrâne, Liban-Nord (Lebanon)

The setting for this hike was in Koura and Batroun (in northern Lebanon). A nice spring day with wonderful weather of temperature varying between 17 and 21 degrees and a blue skies interjected with the whitest ever clouds.
The hike started from a little village in Koura county called Bnahran. From Bahran the group moved to Metrit (abother little village) passing by St. John Capella (Mar Youhanna) on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. from Metrit we came to a cliff with a 360 degrees view of Northern Lebanon (see the anti mountains, the surrounding valleys, Tripoli, and the Mediterranean). From the cliff we took a steep rocky stairway to the Bird river (Al Asfour river) where we had our lunch break. After lunch the hiking expedition went up a dirt road to reach another sleepy village Zgharta El Metoule ( a small town of 300 inhabitants) and on to our destination the town of Hardine. Hardine is the first village in Lebanon to convert to Christianity from Roman paganism; it is also the home of St. Neamtallah Kassab Al Hardini - a Maronite monk.
The hike had great scenery and landscape; the river had many surprises for us, especially how the water sculpted the rocks along its route.
It was an easy hike full of visual pleasures and fresh air. I recommend it to all.

St. John Church

A small church on the top of the hill far away from people. A perfect place for believers to seek solitude amd meditate

Asfour River

We had lunch by the bank of Asfour river. the water and trees contributed to the wonderful setting

Zgharta El Metoule

a little sleep Lebanese town with 300 people

St. N. K. Hardini

The cave and church where St. Hardini prayed in the town of Hardine


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